What phone do I have?

Are you looking to sell your mobile phone, recycle it or trade it in? Are you unsure what model you have, or even what brand?

Simply enter your IMEI number from your device into the box below and we will tell you the brand and model name of the device. You can find your IMEI number under the battery cover of your device, on the box your device came in or on the sim tray in your device.

Below are 6 methods for finding out the IMEI on your device, some methods work on some devices but not on others so try each of them until a method works for you.

1. Dial Universal Code

You might be able to get your IMEI by dialling a universal code into your phone as if you are calling a telephone number, try entering the below number: *#06#

2. On Your Phone

On some devices the IMEI may be present on the device itself, usually etched onto the back of the device at the bottom, or under the battery inside the battery cover of the device.

Att IMEI.png

3. On The Sim Tray

Some iPhone devices suchas the iPhone 4s have the IMEI engraved on the Sim Tray, just pop the sim tray out with an iPhone tray key and the IMEI should be etched on the side of the tray.

4. Phone Settings

Some devices will show you your IMEI number under the settings screen on the device, sometimes listed under "technical details" or "about".

5. IMEI for Motorola iDen Units

As soon as you turn on your phone you must press the following sequence of buttons, if you pause or press anything wrong you will have to start again:

#*≣ Menu→

6. Packaging

You can find your IMEI number on the outside of the packaging, it is quite common for the IMEI to be provided on a label on the back of the box that your phone came in - usually with a barcode and other barcodes for serial numbers and more.